6 Weeks to Cultivate the Love of Truth in Your Home

Do you worry about ...

•how to equip your kids to navigate truth claims and mixed messages coming at them daily?
• your kids becoming hyper-emotional, combative tweens and teens?
• how to tackle uncomfortable topics with your kids at all ages?
• your kids rejecting Christian faith as irrelevant, uninteresting or untrue?
•how to dialogue COMPASSIONATELY with others without COMPROMISING what you believe?

Do you dream of raising kids who …

• think independently of their peers, professors and media in pursuit of TRUTH?
• can articulate their feelings and thoughts clearly and confidently with others?
• stand up for what is right even in the face of hostility?
• are comfortable talking with you about anything?
• listen thoughtfully to others and seek to understand them?
• wrestle, thoughtfully with their faith and own it for themselves?

Me, too!

That’s why I’ve created Grounded – a 6 week crash course in reason, logic and better communication for moms.
If your childhood was anything like mine…
there was probably no real discussion about the BIG QUESTIONS of life, faith, and the meaning of things. My quest for truth was met with short answers, uneasiness and sometimes anger at home. I looked for answers instead from tv, pop music, girl’s magazines, friends and other family members.

After a period of seeking meaning in “women’s rights”, dabbling in the occult and pornography addiction, God answered my cry for true direction. I came to embrace Christianity in my teens. My new passion, however, was met with defensiveness back home. I turned to my church community for continued guidance.
When a trusted couple from church shared anti-Catholic literature with me, I never thought to question it. I wouldn’t know where to start even if I had. I never learned to think philosophically or how to test information presented to me as true. I became outspokenly anti-Catholic.

But everything was about to change.

In college I was required to take a Philosophy class. My professor showed me how to pursue truth with humility and principles of right reason. He created a safe community where we could converse toward truth about anything peacefully and playfully.
Flash forward several years, and I’d be a devout Catholic teaching the art of thinking well to high school students! As I helped them discover truth for themselves in conversation with one another, I saw their confidence soar. Most days they left my class smiling and chatting passionately about that day’s topic.

Now that I’m a mother… I strive daily to instill in my son a love for truth and critical thinking. I want him to launch into the world from this strong foundation .

Do you want to create a home culture where open inquiry is encouraged?
Do you want to model for your children how to pursue truth well?

Grounded can get you there!
The course begins Monday, February 18th.

What we’ll cover…

Week 1: Does truth exist?

Is there really only “your truth” and “my truth”? Explore how we can know that there are ultimate, guiding truths and that we’re made to find them!

Week 2: Wonder

Learn why wonder is foundational to the pursuit of truth and how to rekindle it in yourself and in your home. It’s the antidote to apathy and boredom!

Week 3: Wise Use of Media & Technology

Kick intellectual laziness and gullibility to the curb as you learn how to spot spin and half-truths in the media. We’ll discuss how to harness technology and media for good and why and how to set boundaries around them with your children.

Week 4: Logic 101

Learn the basic principles of logic and how to make valid arguments. I promise not to speak over your head and to keep it fun and memorable.

Week 5: How to Spot Bad Reasoning (aka Logical Fallacies)

Get to know the most common errors people make when trying to argue a point so you won’t be duped and won’t make them yourself!

Week 6: Civil Discourse

Delve into how to connect with others in real, day-to-day conversations, how to dialogue toward truth, diffuse hot emotions, be a better listener, and show compassion without compromising what you believe.

How the course will be delivered?

Private Facebook group

All materials will be shared through a private Facebook group where you’ll enjoy 24/7 support from like-minded mamas and can ask me questions anytime.

Weekly video lesson & worksheet

Each week you’ll receive a 45 minute (or less) lesson with a short worksheet to help you apply what you learn. View at your convenience!

Bonus #1

Two live Q&A calls with guest speakers on “Smart Approaches to Social Media” and “Communicating Toward Truth in a Reactive World.

Bonus #2

An optional book discussion group with 3 live group discussion calls as we read through C.S. Lewis’ The Abolition of Man.

What’s the cost?

This course with bonuses is worth $297. Today I’m offering you a one-time discount of almost 50% off!
Join now for just $147! It’s time to create a home where truth is always pursued well!

The program begins in…


What students have said


Moms with children of any age will find this course valuable. If you have a background in classical education or philosophy, much of the content we’ll cover will likely already be familiar.
Not at this time. This course is aimed at moms in order to create an especially nurturing and intimate environment for sharing within our private group. Of course, I can’t prevent hubby from watching over your shoulder
Absolutely. There are so many wonderful resources out there on all of the topics we’ll be covering. However, if you don’t have time to scavenge the internet, book stores and experts to learn it all, this course is a great one-stop intro to the world of reason, logic and communicating toward truth with anyone. Plus, the Grounded program comes with 24/7 access to an online community of like-minded moms!
At this time a refund will only be given if I am unable as the host to deliver the promised content. I do not anticipate this occurring.
Never fear! You will receive access to all of the replays to watch or listen to on your own time. You may also submit questions ahead of time if you know you will not be attending live.
No. At this time Grounded is a one-time cost of $147.
No. I will not be providing the book to you; however, I will share ways to obtain the book easily, cheaply or for free once you join.
You’ll receive an email with all the details about the course, how to join the Facebook group and how to obtain your group discussion book. Please check your SPAM and Promotions folders if you do not see the email immediately. You may reach Natalie at with any questions or concerns.
Yes. You will be able to join and catch up on the material on your own. Depending on when you join you may miss the chance to participate in live calls. The price remains $147 for late-comers.
You will continue to have indefinite access to the course material through the Facebook group so that you may return and review it anytime. I cannot know what policy changes Facebook may enact in the future, however, and your access may change at that time.

About your hostess

Hello! I’m Natalie Stilwell – a naturally minded mama to a 3 year old and lover of all things good, true and beautiful. I have a BA in Biblical Studies from Dallas Baptist University and a Masters in Theology through Christendom College. Breaking down complex, philosophical ideas and relating them to every day mama-life is my jam. I’m here to help you form the next generation to pursue truth with all of their hearts and minds!

P.S. If you’re worried about how to help your children navigate all of the mixed messages and emotionalism they’ll encounter in this world, I am right there with you. Join me and other like-minded mamas in this 6 week course, and hone your reason, logic and communication skills. You can model for your children how to think well and pursue the good and true! See you in the course!